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Lakes in Lombardy: discover the 4 most famous and the places to visit

Lombardy does not include the sea among its natural beauties, but compensates for this lack with the rich presence of lakes. Discover the 4 most famous: Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda.

MTB routes to do in Livigno: easy and intermediate

In this article we propose a selection of easy and intermediate routes to do in MTB in Livigno. Here are the ones that for us are the most beautiful routes in Livigno to do with family or friends.

The 8 Best Bike Parks in Italy for Downhill and Enduro MTB

A ranking of the best bike parks in Italy. The 3 most famous areas for enduro and DH. Finally, a list of other bike parks in Italy divided by region.

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Complete Guide to DH: What Downhill is and Where to Do It in Italy

In a nutshell, DH is the MTB discipline where you just go down. Don't be fooled by the wording though: it's not easy at all - and not even a little tiring.

Livigno in Summer: 9 Activities to experience the mountains

In Livigno in summer you never get bored. There are many outdoor activities to do: trekking, mountain biking and many others, to appreciate nature and be in good company.

Gite fuori porta Milano: 5 proposte per una giornata alternativa

Vi proponiamo una breve guida in cui vi andiamo a presentare alcune interessanti idee per una gita fuori porta nei dintorni di Milano.

Mountains in Lombardy: The 8 Best Places for Summer and Winter

We propose a selection of mountain locations that takes into account the richness of the activities that the city offers, the beauty of the landscape and the convenience of each (distance from cities, cost, etc.). 

The 5 best activities to do in the mountains in winter

Not just downhill skis and ski lifts. There is a world of lesser known activities - here is a list of our top 5 picks.

The 10 best cable parks for wakeboarding in Italy (+ complete list)

Wakeboarding is growing, and there are more and more places to practice it. Most of these are cable parks (aka "wake parks"). Here is a ranking from North to South of the 10 best cable parks in Italy in 2021.

Heliski, Explained - Frequently Asked Questions

Have you heard of heliskiing and would like to know more? In this article we answer the 3 most frequently asked questions we receive.

What is it and how to start ski touring

How does the discipline work that gives you maximum freedom to move in the mountains.

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